The “Boomers” – Catherine and Roy

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We’re both California natives. Catherine grew up in the Santa Barbara area and Roy grew up in the Shasta Valley of Northern California.

We graduated from Cal Poly SLO and were married in 1972. We spent 30 years in various positions in software in the Bay Area, Portland, OR, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL and back to the San Francisco Peninsula in 1997. When software “high tech” imploded in ‘02, we found ourselves unemployed within 3 days of each other. We were both born and raised on farms. So we’d grown up in self-employed families and always wondered what/how we might work for ourselves. Was this the “kick start” we needed????

We spend several months catching our breath and researching different possibilities including franchise opportunities, and Roy getting his Flight Instructors Certificate renewed and Instrument Instructors Rating. Furniture Medic showed up high in a couple of franchise surveys we read. It met several key criteria: it wasn’t fast food, it didn’t immediately require employees, and it involved something we enjoyed doing – working with wood. In the past we’d built furniture for ourselves and refinished and finished furniture for ourselves and friends. Sounded like a fit to us! We completed training and opened the dooor in October 2002. As they say, the rest is history.

By October 2011, the economy was still struggling, we needed to make some significant investments in the business and renew our contact. Catherine’s parents’ health was failing. We decided to sell the franchise, sell our home and move to the family avocado orchard on the Gaviota coast and get involved in family the business.

In January 2012, Catherine moved and shortly after, Roy moved. For the next 15 months, we lived in a 40′ Class A motorhome. After her parents passed away and some needed maintenance on their home, we moved in. Catherine works in the office with her sister, Lynn, managing the office and working with the orchard foreman (George) to insure the crew has the material to operate the orchard.  Besides office work, Catherine takes cares of the 3 acre avocado orchard which is part of the first Parks’ avocado orchard (1965). Roy works part time as a “jack of all trades” on the “farm” – taking care of another 3 acre orchard, cattle, operating and making sand in the sand pit/mine.

We continue to ride our motorcycles but shortly after moving to the ranch we both got “back” to riding horses to keep our hobby budget broke!

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